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Huzhou Dali Metal Co., Ltd.
was set up in 1999.

Huzhou Dali Metal Co., Ltd. as a professional China Outdoor Sofa Sets Manufacturers and Wholesale Outdoor Corner Lounge Sofa Set factory, our company located at Daixi Industrial Zone, southern suburb of Huzhou, Zhejiang, China. Here transportation is extremely convenient and scenery is wonderful and graceful. Over 20 years of hard work, our company had been continuously selecting and developing characteristic and novel Custom Conversation Sofa Set for sales to meet domestic overseas market requirements.

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Outdoor Sofa Sets Industry Knowledge Extension

What about outdoor sofa sets when it rains?
Ordinary indoor sofas are not recommended to be placed outdoors!
The outdoor weather is changeable, ultraviolet rays, rain, snow, fog and other climates will cause damage to ordinary indoor sofas. Leather sofas may be cracked, and fabric sofas may be stained and moldy. These situations will occur.
If you want to put it outdoors, it is best to choose outdoor sofa sets. The materials used can meet the needs of outdoor storage, such as quick-drying cotton, fast-filtering Taslin cloth, anti-ultraviolet non-woven fabric, and polyester rattan that is not afraid of mold in the sun.

What are outdoor sofa sets?
Outdoor sofa sets mainly refer to furniture used for outdoor or semi-outdoor public activities. It is an important element that determines the material basis of the building's outdoor space function and expresses the form of the outdoor space. The difference between outdoor sofa sets and indoor sofas is that they are elements of the urban landscape environment, and they have the characteristics of "publicity" and "communication" in the general sense.

Common sizes of outdoor sofa sets
There are also many materials used for outdoor sofa sets, some of which are made of aluminum alloy and painted on the surface, and some are woven by hand, using environmentally friendly imitation rattan, which looks elegant and fashionable.
What are the dimensions of outdoor sofa sets and how to design them. Generally, it is a single sofa or a double sofa. Ordinary double people use 1300*870*910mm, and single people use 710*870*910mm. In fact, the size and specifications of outdoor sofa sets on the market are different. You can choose according to Place the size of the area to choose.

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