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Huzhou Dali Metal Co., Ltd.
was set up in 1999.

Huzhou Dali Metal Co., Ltd. as a professional China Single Chair Manufacturers and Wholesale Single Chair factory, our company located at Daixi Industrial Zone, southern suburb of Huzhou, Zhejiang, China. Here transportation is extremely convenient and scenery is wonderful and graceful. Over 20 years of hard work, our company had been continuously selecting and developing characteristic and novel Custom Single Chair for sales to meet domestic overseas market requirements.

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Single Chair Industry Knowledge Extension

What materials are available for single chairs on the market now?
There are many single chair materials on the market now, including solid wood chairs, steel-wood chairs, curved wood chairs, metal chairs, rattan chairs, plastic chairs, etc. If you want to buy a single chair, first look at the type you want to buy. For example, office chairs can be made of steel, wood or leather. They are durable and easy to clean. If you have children at home, plastic chairs are more suitable. They are safe, lightweight and anti-collision. For details, you can search on Anjigou, which includes single chairs in various materials and styles, and you can choose them.
Solid wood furniture: The main body is all made of wood, with only a small amount of plywood and other auxiliary materials. Solid wood furniture is generally of mortise structure, that is, a fixed structure. At present, there are two types of solid wood furniture on the market. One is pure solid wood furniture. All the materials used in the furniture are solid wood. The texture, feel and color of wood are exactly the same as solid wood furniture, but it is actually made of a mixture of solid wood and wood-based panels.
Panel furniture: the main parts are all made of surface-decorated artificial boards, plywood, particleboard, blockboard, medium-density fiberboard, etc.
Leather furniture: The outer skin is covered with natural animal leather, which is more common in sofas and chairs, giving people a sense of style, generosity and luxury.

How to choose a single chair for the balcony?
First of all, you should check the size of your balcony and how much space is left, and then you can choose the form of this single chair, but the most important consideration is to choose a single chair that can be folded , this is better, it is comfortable, simple, convenient and does not take up space, and it can be put away on the balcony anytime and anywhere, and it is more convenient to use, so I still hope to use a chair that is both light and foldable. It is more suitable to put on the balcony.

What is the size of a single chair?
1. The size of the commonly used single chair is generally about 600mm high; the width is between 650 and 800mm; the length varies according to the functionality, and the size of the single chair is generally between 900 and 950.
2. The dimensions of single chair in furniture are: 620*680*980mm, 650*700*990mm, 600*680*980mm, 680*720*1000mm

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