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Huzhou Dali Metal Co., Ltd.
was set up in 1999.

Huzhou Dali Metal Co., Ltd. as a professional China Functional Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers and Wholesale Wicker Rattan Furniture factory, our company located at Daixi Industrial Zone, southern suburb of Huzhou, Zhejiang, China. Here transportation is extremely convenient and scenery is wonderful and graceful. Over 20 years of hard work, our company had been continuously selecting and developing characteristic and novel Custom Functional Outdoor Furniture and Wicker Rattan Furniture for sales to meet domestic overseas market requirements.

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What are functional outdoor furniture?
Functional outdoor furniture is classified into the following four categories according to the basic functions:
1. Support functional outdoor furniture
Supporting functional outdoor furniture is one of the earliest types of functional outdoor furniture in human history. It mainly refers to such as chairs, stools, sofas and beds that directly support the human body in outdoor spaces for people to sit, lie down and lie down. Furniture, chairs and stools have always been the mainstream products of functional outdoor furniture, occupying the vast majority of the market share; at the same time, with the blurring of the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces in recent years, sofa products that were originally intended for indoor use have also gained popularity. With the extension and expansion, the development is rapid.
2. Relying on functional outdoor furniture
Functional outdoor furniture refers to a type of furniture for people to lean on or lean on their desks in outdoor spaces.
At the same time, it also has the function of displaying and storing items.
The more common products are coffee tables, dining (table) tables, etc. This type of furniture is also known as quasi-human furniture. Part of its function is in direct contact with the human body, while the other part is related to objects. Although the furniture does not directly support the human body, it is closely related to the scale and activities of the human body.
3. Storage functional outdoor furniture
Storage functional outdoor furniture mainly refers to cabinets for people to store or display books, food, utensils, utensils and other items in the outdoor space
A class of furniture.
4. Other types of functional outdoor furniture
Other types of functional outdoor furniture mainly refer to products that provide auxiliary functions such as garden heating products, outdoor parasols (canopies), and garden decoration products that people use in outdoor spaces.
How to choose wicker rattan furniture correctly?
Proper purchase of wicker rattan furniture is helpful to choose high-quality products, but many people don't know much about the purchase of wicker rattan furniture. How to choose the right wicker rattan furniture?
1. The first step is to choose the material of the wicker rattan furniture. There are three main rattan materials for wicker rattan furniture, namely bamboo rattan, white rattan and red rattan. Bamboo rattan is a kind of rattan that is often used to weave furniture and utensils. This is the most expensive top-grade rattan. It not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a high degree of waterproof performance. Durable; white rattan has various uses. In addition to weaving wicker rattan furniture and rattan furniture, it can also be used to weave reed products and wicker products; red rattan has a large output and low price, and is generally used to make rattan shelves and rattan ornaments. Lower wicker rattan furniture.
2. Then look at the weaving quality and stability of the wicker rattan furniture. When purchasing wicker rattan furniture, you can use your palm to wipe the surface of the furniture to make it smooth; at the same time, you can use both hands to grasp the edge of the rattan furniture and shake it gently to feel whether the frame is stable.
3. In addition to fine manual weaving skills, the most important thing is to check whether the weaving material of wicker rattan furniture is good. If there are wrinkles on the surface of rattan, it means that the furniture is made of young rattan, which has poor toughness and is easy to break and corrode.

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