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Will there be the next "IKEA" in Guangzhou, the capital of Hurricane's customized home furnishings?

Will there be the next "IKEA" in Guangzhou, the capital of Hurricane's customized home furnishings?
As a thousand-year-old business capital, Guangzhou’s greatest temperament is its “thickness”. The complete range of industries is rare in China.
In addition to the traditional real economy and the emerging Internet economy, we also found in our previous industry research that Guangzhou is a leader in the field of electric vehicles. New energy vehicles such as Xiaopeng and Evergrande are all emerging in the capital market, and Guangzhou's established companies, Guangzhou Automobile, Baoneng, etc. have also entered the game (this new track, Guangzhou has already seized the opportunity!).
In the Hurun Report 2020 announced on October 20, we found that Guangzhou is also the leader in another industry.
In the 100 rich list, 43 home furnishing industry leaders (family) are on the list, with a total worth of more than 400 billion yuan. Among them, Guangzhou Oupai Home Furnishing, founder Yao Liangsong ranked first in the home furnishing industry with a worth of 43.5 billion.
According to Tianyan Check, among the nine listed domestic custom-made home furnishing companies, the top three in the industry are actually Guangzhou companies. According to the order of operating income, they are Oupai, Sophia, and Shangpin Home Delivery, leading the country.
WIND data shows that in 2019, the nine major domestic custom home furnishing companies have a total revenue of nearly 40 billion yuan. The industry's first Oupai Home Furnishing has a revenue of 13.533 billion yuan, the second Sophia has a revenue of 7.6 billion, and the third is Shangpin Home Delivery 72.6. 100 million yuan.
At present, the market value of Oupai, Sophia, and Shangpin Home Delivery are respectively 77.6 billion yuan, 23.4 billion yuan and 12.5 billion yuan. Obviously, the custom home furnishing industry has formed a three-nation industry pattern.
Because of the prosperity of this industry, Guangzhou was also named the "Global Custom Capital" by the United Nations. It can be seen that in the field of custom home furnishing, Guangzhou has a bright future.
Customized home business model
Why can custom home furnishing become the top brand in the home furnishing industry?
By understanding its business model, we may be able to glimpse one or two.
The traditional furniture industry has become a red sea. The biggest reason is that the channel is highly dependent and the inventory is large. A set of furniture can only be sold to consumers in the mall for several months, and the channels are not self-owned. Therefore, the general capital chain pressure of household enterprises is high.
The characteristic of custom home furnishing is "customization". After the consumer places an order, the company will pay first before the company initiates the subsequent customization process, factory production, and then delivery. In this process, the customized company receives the money first, but has no inventory, so the financial performance is very good.
Custom Home Furnishing owns channels through the chain system, so it is an enterprise with consistent production + circulation. This business model is a major upgrade to the original business model.
According to research data from CITIC Securities, from the perspective of household demand structure in 2020, it is estimated that new houses will account for about 42.7% of demand, second-hand houses and self-house renovations will account for 48.6%, and stock demand exceeds demand for new houses. In the future, industry demand will gradually shift to the stage where both existing housing and new housing are given equal importance, and finally come to a period dominated by existing housing.
In the context of the current consumption upgrade era, users are more concerned about obtaining service and individuality, and custom home furnishings with changeable styles will occupy a place in the consumer's stock housing market.
Guangzhou was named "Global Customization Capital"
"Global customization looks at China, Chinese customization looks at Guangzhou", there is such a saying in the global custom home furnishing industry. Guangzhou has hatched three major custom home furnishings, and has also held a custom home furnishing exhibition for nine consecutive years.
In addition to the first echelon of Oupai Home Furnishing, Sophia, Shangpin Home Delivery and Hao Laike, there are many second echelon furniture customization companies in Guangzhou and surrounding areas, such as Baidusheng, Laoka, Federal Gordon, etc., and Zhongshan is listed Two of them-Piano and Dinggu Jichuang.
Except for the six relatively concentrated companies in Guangzhou and Zhongshan, other listed custom home furnishing companies are scattered everywhere, such as Zhibang in Hefei, Anhui, and Wole Home in Nanjing, Jiangsu. Given that Guangzhou is far ahead and the pattern is relatively stable, it is very unlikely that other cities will want to hit the leader in custom home furnishing.
As for the upstream and downstream support of the custom home furnishing industry, Guangzhou has gathered a number of well-known companies such as Hongya CNC, Sanweijia, and Yizhitong, which are shining in the fields of production equipment manufacturing, customized software research and development, logistics and supply chain services.
In October last year, it was mentioned in the government’s plan to focus on customized home furnishings. It is estimated that by 2021, the output value of the large-scale customized home furnishing industry will double, and the customized home furnishing industry output value will reach 100 billion yuan, and 5 demonstration industrial clusters will be cultivated. 30 Demonstration enterprises, 20 famous brands.
In addition to the custom home furnishing industry, Guangzhou is in the forefront of the world in terms of customized production and service in the fields of automobiles, apparel, and home appliances. In December last year, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization released the first batch of global "customized capital" case cities, and Guangzhou was named the global "customized capital".
As a chain industry, custom home furnishing is reproducible, and there is no limit to its growth and expansion. Especially under the influence of this year’s epidemic, the development of many overseas custom home furnishings has stagnated. my country is the world’s largest furniture producer with a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain. This is a good opportunity for custom home furnishing companies to go abroad, and it may be born. The next IKEA. I believe that the home customization industry in Guangzhou will be full of more possibilities in the future.

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