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Wicker Rattan Furniture Do More Cleaning And Avoid Direct Sunlight

  From ancient times to the present, furniture has undergone great changes in both material selection and appearance design, and rattan furniture is one of the oldest pieces of furniture, which has survived many changes and survival of the fittest.

  Now in our life, rattan woven furniture appears more and more in our daily life. Rattan furniture is simple in color and fresh in style. After incorporating modern design, it is more lightweight and durable, with smooth lines, bringing a simple and natural atmosphere to the whole room. Although wicker rattan furniture is durable, its service life is relatively short. If you want to extend the service life of wicker rattan furniture, you must pay attention to maintenance.

  1. Do more cleaning

  Can be wiped with saltwater. Generally speaking, rattan furniture is taken care of once every two or three months. When cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a feather duster to remove the floating dust, then wipe it with saltwater, and then wipe it with a soft rag, which can be kept clean or Mosquito proof.

  2. Keep ventilation

  The cross-section of the rattan is covered with fine conduits, so the wicker rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of moisture. But if too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loose in structure, sagging in-plane, and mildew can easily grow in the woven mesh.

  Therefore, in the south, especially in the rainy season, the ventilation of wicker rattan furniture is particularly important. On sunny days, clean the furniture and move it to a place with drafts to "blow it" to avoid mildew and keep it dry.

  Don't ask for "dry" eagerness, lift it to a place where it is exposed to direct sunlight, the contrast between the tide and the dry, the rattan is easy to deform or even break quickly.

  3. Anti-moth-eaten

  What should I do when I find signs of moths on the wicker rattan furniture? Zanthoxylum or hot pepper noodles can kill insects and moths, and have no damage to rattan. Stir-fry half Liang of Chinese prickly ash and half Liang of fine salt together, grind them, stuff them into the holes, and then wrap the noodles with plastic sheets or small plastic bags to keep the smell from leaking out. Switch to hot pepper noodles in the same way.

  After the moth face is sealed and killed, untie the plastic sheet, and partially pour the moth face with boiling water to kill the remaining moth as much as possible. Dry with a soft towel afterward to prevent the spread of moths.

  4. Avoid direct sunlight

  The ultraviolet rays in the sun will degenerate the rattan and become brittle, and the long-term sunlight will make the white rattan furniture yellow, the brown-red shiny red rattan furniture will partially fade, and the expensive bamboo and rattan furniture will dry, loosen and come off. Therefore, it is important to avoid direct sunlight during spring, summer, and autumn. Use translucent white tulle curtains to block direct sunlight to protect the wicker rattan furniture without compromising the light in the room.

  5, avoid close to a heating, heat source

  It is easy to cause deformation, bending, and cracking. When placing very hot food such as hot pot and casserole on the rattan table, to prevent fire, be sure to put a thermal insulation pad.

  6. Avoid moisture deformation

  The placement of books on the rattan bookshelf follows the principle of being heavier on both sides and light in the middle so that the weight of the books can be placed symmetrically on the left and right to prevent the bookcase from sagging and deforming due to the weight in the middle.

  7. Primary color renovation method

  First clean and dry, then sand the outer pergola to decontaminate and restore smoothness, and then apply varnish for protection.

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