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Why Is The Chair Bars Of Outdoor Metal Frame Sofa Sets Easily Damaged?

  Why is the chair bars of outdoor metal frame sofa sets easily damaged? The market for outdoor metal frame sofa sets is getting bigger and bigger in our country. With the acceleration of urbanization in China, more manufacturers of outdoor metal frame sofa sets continue to develop new chair legs and chair bars. As far as the material of chair legs is concerned in the current market, most chair legs are made of cast iron, followed by cast aluminum and stainless steel. In some specific places, such as the seaside, solid wood leisure chairs are used more. There are many choices for the legs of leisure chairs, and the repair rate of chair legs is much lower than that of chair bars leisure chairs. Why are chair bars easily damaged?

  First of all, remove some artificial improper use, mainly because the chair bar has to bear the different pressures of people's rest at any time. The shape of the chair bar of the leisure chair is mostly rectangular, with different lengths, widths, and heights. We all know that when a square wooden bar is placed vertically, its load-bearing capacity is the largest, and when it is placed horizontally, its load-bearing capacity is greatly reduced. This is a physical reason why chair bars are more easily damaged than standing chair legs.

  The second is the material and quality of the chair bar itself. What kind of chair is better to choose? Now there are many solid wood chair bars, anti-corrosion wood chair bars, PE chair bars, plastic steel chair bars, etc. in the market. Solid wood chair strips are also good to use after painting, but some solid wood chair strips are not durable due to the difference in wood.

  In the past two years, there has been a lot of clamor for new plastic-steel chair bars in the market. New products will inevitably bring high costs and high prices. But what about plastic steel chair bars? The square iron pipe wrapped in plastic wood looks very strong. The change in temperature makes the coefficient of variation of plastic and steel different, so there will be a gap between the two. When the external force extrusion type cannot withstand the same pressure well, it is very easy to damage. Another factor is that once the iron is easily oxidized and corroded in a humid environment, the plastic wood on the outside is still good, but the square iron pipe inside is broken, so there will be hidden dangers in the use of chair bars.

  Secondly, generally speaking, the treated anti-corrosion wood is an ideal chair bar material. We know that railway sleepers are treated wood, and the sleepers are durable and will not change shape in the wind and sun. Therefore, the physical properties of preservative wood are better and more stable after treatment.

  Functional outdoor furniture needs everyone's love no matter what material the chair bar is made of. No matter what kind of chair bar, its length determines the load-bearing capacity of the chair bar, so if the chair bar is too long, you should pay attention to increasing the support under the chair bar or adding a chair leg when choosing the chair leg. No matter which material the chair bar is used for, only when the chair legs are properly matched can they be both beautiful and durable.

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