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Why Are The Stems Of Outdoor Lounge Chairs Easily Damaged?

  Why are the stems of outdoor lounge chairs prone to damage? The outdoor lounge chair market is growing. With the acceleration of urbanization in China, more and more manufacturers of outdoor lounge chairs are developing new legs and chairs. Most of the chair legs on the market are cast iron chair legs, followed by cast aluminum and stainless steel. In some specific places, such as the seaside, solid wood armchairs are widely used. There are various options for the legs of the lounge chair, and the repair rate of the legs is much lower than that of the beam of the lounge chair. Why are chair posts easily damaged?

  1. Eliminate the misuse of people, mainly because people have to bear different pressures on the outdoor lounge chairs when they are resting at any time. Most armchairs are rectangular and come in different lengths, widths, and heights. As we all know, when the square wooden bar is placed vertically, it bears a lot of weight, and when it is placed horizontally, the weight is greatly reduced. This is the physical reason why chair bars are more prone to damage while standing chair legs are less prone to damage.

  2. The material and quality of outdoor lounge chairs. What kind of chair is better? There are many solid wood chairs, preservative wood chairs, PE chairs, and plastic steel chairs on the market. Solid wood chair bars are also easy to use after painting, but some solid wood chair bars are not durable due to the difference in wood. The PE chair post is mainly made of plastic, which is rarely used due to the large temperature change, high cost, and easy deformation.

  In the past two years, there has been a lot of clamor for the emerging plastic-steel chairs on the market. New products are bound to have high costs and bring high prices. But what about the plastic bar on the chair? The plastic-wood-wrapped square iron tube looks solid. The change of temperature makes plastic and steel have different coefficients of change, so there will be gaps between them, which cannot withstand the same pressure well when squeezed by external forces, and are easily damaged. Another factor is that once the iron is easy to rust and corrode in a humid environment, the plastic wood outside is still good, but the square iron pipe inside is broken, and there are hidden dangers when using the chair bar.

  Generally speaking, preservative-treated wood is an ideal material for chair bars. We know that railroad ties are made of treated wood that lasts for a long time and doesn't change with wind and sun. Therefore, the physical properties of the treated wood are better and more stable.

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  Regardless of the material used, outdoor lounge chairs need to be loved by everyone. Regardless of the type of chair bar, its length determines the load-bearing capacity of the chair bar. So if the chair column is too long, please pay attention to increasing the support under the chair bar or increasing the chair legs when choosing the chair legs. No matter which material you choose, only the legs are properly matched to be beautiful and durable.

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