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What You Need To Know About Customizing Wicker Rattan Furniture

 We have been emphasizing the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Gradually, people's awareness of the environment has increased, and their expectations for returning to nature and integrating into nature have also become stronger. At this time, wicker rattan furniture and its related products with natural flavor began to enter everyone's field of vision.

  If you need to customize rattan chairs shortly, you need to understand these issues before customizing, to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary troubles at that time. Next, the outdoor furniture manufacturer will share with you some outdoor furniture purchase knowledge.

  1. Rattan chairs are made of real rattan and imitation rattan. According to the subdivision of materials, they are divided into wooden rattan chairs, aluminum rattan chairs, bamboo rattan chairs, iron rattan chairs, etc. Rattan materials generally go through more complicated processes such as disinfection, cooking, polishing, and oiling to make rattan that can be woven. Due to the material, real rattan is used indoors.

  2. Rattan-like material, as the name implies, imitates the appearance, color, texture, etc. of real rattan, to make it look like real rattan. The common ones are rattan-like sofas, tables, and chairs. It will not be affected outdoors.

  3. Since the rattan-like material is added with UV anti-ultraviolet ingredients, it can be used for a long time in the sun and rain. It can also add various pigments to make various colors, so it is richer than real rattan.

  4. When customizing rattan chairs, it is necessary to confirm the item number, picture, size, and rattan number (provided by the rattan factory) with the factory, and specify the frame material (aluminum, stainless steel, iron), cloth number, sponge density and thickness, unit price and quantity are determined.

  The above are the 4 points for attention about the customization of rattan chairs compiled by the outdoor furniture manufacturer for you. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention!

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