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What Are The Links In The Production Process Of Rattan Sofa Sets?

  Rattan sofa sets are generally simple and elegant in color, smooth and cool, light and flexible. Simple and individual, nostalgic but not lacking in fashion, low-key but eye-catching. Whether it is placed indoors or in the garden, it can give people a strong atmosphere and light and elegant taste. The craft of rattan furniture can be divided into two categories, one is the production process of pure rattan furniture; the other is the rattan furniture mixed with rattan and wood. Production process; the following outdoor furniture manufacturer will tell you about the eight links of the rattan furniture production process.

  Raw material selection

  【Choice of rattan】

  There are many kinds of vines, and there are 600 known species. Among them, agate vine, Liteng, red vine, sand vine, and Bataan vine are the most commonly used. The agate rattan cane is thick, even, and full, the color is uniform without spots, and the moth-eaten is less. It is a good material for making the skeleton of the rattan chair.

  【Rattan material cutting】

  Choose the best agate rattan, and then cut the rattan according to the different sizes of each product, and cut the rattan into the desired length and width.

  Raw material grinding

  The surface of rattan is relatively rough and is a thorny plant, so when making it, the raw materials should be "polished". Generally, a grinding machine is used, which is a tool specially used for grinding the raw materials of rattan, mainly using abrasive belts and grinding wheels. Grinding is done in two steps, one for rough grinding and one for fine grinding.

  Raw material processing

  Common tools when making rattan chairs: guns, high-pressure air cooling guns, consoles. The setting of the operating table is relatively simple, but it has many uses. It is the main tool for bending the rattan-the process of bending the rattan is all done on this operating table. It needs to go through several links such as bending, gun mouth, polishing, and so on.


  Our assembly in this part is mainly to assemble the parts that have been done before. The pergola and wooden frame are assembled into semi-finished products! become the mainframe.

  The tools required for assembly are an electric drill, pneumatic screwdriver, drill bit, and screws. First mark the positions to be punched, then use an electric drill to punch holes at these marks, punch two holes at each point, and then fix them with the same type of screws. When drilling, pay attention that the angle of the drill bit and the support rod are vertical, and must not be misaligned.


  On the basic frame of the produced rattan furniture, according to the designed plan, after processing the raw materials, hand weaving is carried out to decorate the surface of the furniture.

  Semi-finished grinding

  The woven furniture is still only a semi-finished product, and polishing the surface of the furniture again is not the last step.

  dry treatment

  The cooked rattan should be dried in the drying room to prevent the natural rattan furniture from becoming moldy.


  After all the steps are in place, it is oiling. After repeating the oil grinding process three times, the rattan sofa sets after being oiled are treated with the previous processes, and the surface is smooth and durable.

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