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Weather Resistant Wood - Outdoor Furniture

  With people's pursuit of outdoor leisure life quality, outdoor wood products, outdoor furniture, and wood construction sketches are becoming more and more abundant. Outdoor furniture is an important element in coordinating people and the city, people, and the natural environment in outdoor public spaces. It can improve the quality of outdoor activities and provide people with a place to relax.

  The outdoor environment is constantly changing, which makes outdoor furniture exposed to the outdoors for a long time to face rain, sunlight, insect pests, and other attacks. Ordinary wood cannot resist this long-term natural erosion. To improve the quality and durability of outdoor furniture, it is more suitable for the outdoor environment. , which prompted experts to carry out research on a large number of new outdoor wood, mainly including composite wood-plastic wood, chemically treated wood, carbonized wood treated with high temperature, etc. These new types of wood for outdoor furniture can effectively extend its life and make it more suitable for outdoor space environments.

  Requirements for wood for outdoor furniture

  To make outdoor furniture better adapt to the outdoor environment and allow people to have leisure and comfortable activities in the outdoor environment, usually outdoor furniture wood has the following requirements:

  1. Long service life and high durability

  Compared with indoor furniture, the most prominent feature of outdoor furniture is that it must have good durability in the outdoor environment, resist the erosion of rainwater and sunlight exposure, and prevent the furniture from cracking and deformation under the long-term erosion of outdoor harsh environments. This is the most basic and most critical requirement of outdoor furniture, and good quality can only be achieved on the premise of ensuring its durability.

  2. Stable reinforcement method

  Since outdoor furniture is generally placed in public spaces for entertainment and relaxation, it is not furniture that often needs to be moved, so the fixed structure of the furniture needs special consideration, it is necessary to prevent the furniture from tilting or collapsing, and it is necessary to ensure that the connecting parts are exposed to sunlight and heat. It will not be easily damaged after the rain.

  3. Regular maintenance and repair

  Outdoor furniture also needs to be maintained and repaired regularly. In addition to cleaning dust, pay attention to avoiding sun exposure in summer, and pay attention to avoid rain erosion in the rainy season. If not in use for a long time, it is best to cover the furniture with a protective cover.

  The solid wood corner lounge sofa set is usually made of wood that is not easy to crack, deform, discolor, and moth-eat in an outdoor environment. Such as teak, ash, etc. These woods are tough, rough in structure, and easy to process.

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