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The Quality Of Wicker Rattan Furniture Products

  In addition to the fine craftsmanship and novel and beautiful shape of rattan ware, the most important thing is to check whether the rattan ware is of good quality. When purchasing, consumers should carefully check the weaving process of the rattan, whether the weaving of the rattan is tight and even without omissions; whether the rattan interface is dense and the transition is natural, consumers should sit on the furniture to see if there is a sound Grab the edge of the wicker rattan furniture and give it a gentle shake to get a feel for the frame's stability.

  2. Wipe the surface of the wicker rattan furniture with the palm of your hand. If it is smooth and does not feel prickly, it is right.

       3. The high-end products of outdoor imitation wicker rattan furniture are made of aluminum alloy material, and the low-end rattan furniture will be produced with iron frame. The premise is that the rust removal and electroplating treatment of the iron frame must pass the test. Another disadvantage is that the production of iron frame is leisure. The furniture is relatively bulky. All rattan furniture product skeletons produced by DALI Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer use aluminum alloy as the skeleton, and the wall thickness of the aluminum alloy skeleton should not be less than 1.2MM thick. When we buy imitation wicker rattan furniture, we can open the foot plug at the bottom of the product to know the wall thickness of the skeleton.

  4. The modern wicker rattan furniture is not purely made of rattan materials, but the rattan table is combined with a small number of other materials such as glass, plate, iron, fabric, etc. as auxiliary materials. When purchasing, consumers should check whether the auxiliary materials are flat, firm, and environmentally friendly; whether the glass and plates are smooth and easy to clean; whether the wrought iron has undergone special treatment such as anti-rust and moisture-proof; Whether the splicing is neat, whether the dental floss is smooth and straight, whether the whole is consistent with the curvature of the rattan chair, etc.

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