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Space-saving Garden Patio Furniture

  One of the best parts of having an outdoor living space is the decor. Depending on the size of your patio, it's easy to get carried away and overcrowd the space. With a few clever tricks and the right small garden patio furniture, you can make the most of limited space and create a welcoming place to relax with friends and family.

  Small space patio furniture planning

  In terms of space, most small backyard patio ideas require some upfront planning. Deciding what to add starts with knowing how much space you have. In addition to creating a dimensional reference when picking out furniture, knowing the dimensions of your patio can help you visualize where the different pieces are going, and how to divide the area. Once you have a mental picture, start planning the layout. As you move forward, be sure to consider seating, dining, decor, and lighting. In addition to size, consider style when shopping to ensure you end up with a cohesive design.

  The layout is everything Perhaps more important than choosing a small functional outdoor furniture, layout determines the comfort of your patio. The same pieces of furniture can make a space feel open or crowded, based solely on their location. Dining room furniture is a perfect example of this idea. Small spaces can make it difficult for guests to get in and out of chairs comfortably. Placing a small patio in the center is a great way to create a focal point that keeps people connected while maintaining an open, airy feel. The space around the table may feature planters or benches for added seating.

  Terrace dining table with round table

  The shape of your furniture may also play a role in where it fits best. Depending on the layout and size of your space, a rectangular table against the wall may make more sense than a round table, which works better in the center of your patio. Multifunctional seating Another way to maximize space is to use multifunctional furniture. A bench with hidden storage provides seating and a place to put garden tools or extra blankets. Choosing a bench over a chair can also reduce clutter.

  Scale-Up, Not Out If square footage is at a premium, consider using vertical or elevated surfaces to your advantage. Mount shelves or lights on the wall for a space-saving decor that also adds a little ambiance. Hanging plants and lights also work great, giving you plenty of room for other furniture.

  wall lamp

  Choose a small patio table

  If you're going to spend time outdoors, you'll need somewhere to put drinks and snacks. Some tables have built-in features such as shelves for chairs or leaves to extend the tabletop. Small outdoor tables with wheels add mobility, ensuring that any unwanted furniture can be moved around easily.

  balcony bar

  Compact items, like balcony tables, are great outdoor furniture for small spaces. These tables can be hung from a railing or fence to keep them neat and organized even when stored. They also fold up to make room for other small deck furniture.

  Thinking Beyond the Terrace

  If your patio has ready access, move around chairs and tables that double as lawn furniture to extend beyond the patio. If not, solarium indoor/outdoor furniture can be given a new look outdoors. Buying items with multiple uses will give you the most value.

  things to remember

  With patio decor, sometimes less is more. As the seasons change, you may find some pieces more useful than others and choose to swap them out. Using a shed or garage to store items makes storing a chair or table simple.

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