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Several Major Production Processes Affect The Quality Of Rattan Dining Set

  With the improvement of people's living standards, human beings have requirements for the comfort of the outdoor environment. Of course, outdoor leisure furniture is also one the indispensable outdoor facilities. We've seen all forms of outdoor lounge furniture, but the most stylish is the rattan dining set. The rattan dining set is widely used in the outdoor environment by the designer. The designer should not only consider the coordination between the outdoor leisure furniture and the outdoor environment but also consider the durability. When we design outdoor furniture, we need to know several major production processes that affect the quality of PE rattan furniture.

  First, the preliminary work needs to draw component drawings, and then enter the frame proofing of the modeling after grasping the overall proportion.

  When making PE imitation rattan furniture frames, not only the appearance of the finished product should be considered, but also the firmness of the structure. We can not only pursue the beauty of its appearance but ignore the firmness of the structure.

  Second, the frame of the rattan dining set and the selection of PE rattan.

  The frame of PE imitation rattan furniture is made of aluminum alloy with a thickness of more than 1.2mm in the national standard according to the industry standard. Some manufacturers use thin aluminum alloy or iron frames to reduce the cost. If the aluminum alloy tube is too thin, it will affect the later weaving and lead to the deformation of the frame. When the iron pipe is made, after the product is put into use, it will rust and cause the frame to collapse, thus affecting the service life. The selection of rattan is also important. We need to choose PE rattan made of new PE material.

  Third, the welding of the frame and the grinding of the welding port.

  The welding aluminum frame needs to be welded in all directions, and the joint between the pipe and the pipe needs to be flat and sealed. Welding joints will inevitably appear higher than the pipe position during welding. We need to polish them to avoid affecting the smoothness of the rattan in the later stage.

  Fourth, the shaping of the frame and the spraying of high-temperature baking paint.

  The shaping of the aluminum alloy frame is also an important process. Generally, the shaping needs to be placed on a horizontal tempered glass table for shaping. Correct the non-parallel, asymmetry, etc. of the shelf by shaping. Many people ask that the aluminum alloy frame does not rust, why is it necessary to spray high-temperature baking paint? Spraying high-temperature paint is to confirm the color of the shelf according to the color of different rattan. The purpose of spraying high-temperature baking paint is to unify the color of the shelf and the rattan because the woven rattan has gaps from different angles. When the aluminum white aluminum alloy frame and the rattan have different colors, it will affect the appearance of the product.

  Fifth, the weaving of PE rattan and the installation of accessories.

  When weaving rattan, four basic elements need to be achieved: dense, tight, firm, and flat. Too sparse and loose rattan will affect the service life of later products. The unevenness of the rattan surface mainly affects the aesthetics and the comfort of use.

  Sixth, rattan dining set tarpaulin seat cushion production.

  Seventh, the packaging of the rattan dining set.

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