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Principles Of Outdoor Furniture Design

  1. Practicality

  Practicality is the primary condition for outdoor furniture design, reflecting the use value of the product. It requires that the design must meet its direct use, apply to the specific needs of users, and create a healthy, comfortable, and efficient outdoor activity environment for people.

  2. Comfort

  With the improvement and improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, after outdoor furniture meets the basic needs of users, the comfort of products has attracted more and more attention, which is also an important embodiment of design value. The service object of outdoor furniture is people, and every piece of furniture designed and produced is used by people. Therefore, to design comfortable furniture, it must be based on people's physiological and psychological characteristics, and use ergonomics. The principle unfolds the design.

  3. Artistic

  Outdoor furniture is an important part of the outdoor space environment. It not only meets some specific needs of people but also creates a specific artistic atmosphere for people to enjoy through different shapes, colors, and artistic styles, together with urban buildings and landscapes. Make people have some kind of aesthetic pleasure in the process of contacting and using products, and cultivate people's aesthetic sentiment and aesthetic ability.

  4. Coordination

  First of all, as an industrial product, outdoor furniture is not only a simple functional product but also a popular artwork, which plays a role in beautifying the space environment and enhancing the atmosphere of the outdoor space. Coordinate with the space environment.

  Secondly, while outdoor furniture meets the basic functional needs of users, it should also consider the coordination of design elements such as materials, shapes, colors, and users' aesthetics and value orientation. There is a trend of convergence, but there are still great differences between the two. Therefore, the different aesthetic orientations of target customer groups must be taken into consideration by designers.

  5. Security

  On the one hand, the safety of outdoor furniture requires that the user's behavior, the use environment, and other factors be fully considered in the design to ensure that the product has sufficient mechanical strength and stability to meet the various needs of users; on the other hand, it is the safety of the environment. , that is, to be environmentally friendly.

  6. Weather resistance

  Compared with traditional indoor furniture, outdoor furniture needs to directly face many unfavorable natural factors such as high temperature, freezing, and sunlight due to the particularity of the use environment, or it needs to withstand the immersion and protection of liquids such as water, wine, grease, acid, and alkali Corrosion, which requires the designer to select the most suitable material and processing technology to ensure the safety and stability of the product.

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