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Metal furniture is using e-commerce channels to enter the traditional wooden furniture market?

Donated a large number of steel furniture to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, which made Pangcun Town, Luoyang City, Henan Province, a steel furniture industry base that started selling "iron cabinets", famous all over the country.
  As the first batch of Taobao towns in Henan, Pangcun has undergone several years of "Double Eleven" training. The development of e-commerce has not only promoted the transformation of local enterprises to "small and beautiful", and has shown higher competitiveness under the epidemic, it has also opened up a new consumption scene of households for local steel furniture.
  Kitchen shelf accidentally became "explosive"
  What Bailiguo did not expect is that the kitchen shelf will become the first hot item this year.
  Bai Liguo operates a Tmall store called "Guanze Furniture Flagship Store", which mainly sells "steel furniture". Compared with wooden furniture, steel furniture is generally made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is made by powder electrostatic spraying.
  Although the location of the store is Shanghai, in fact all the steel furniture he sells comes from Pangcun Town, southeast of Yibin District, Luoyang City, where an industrial belt for steel furniture production has formed.
"Steel furniture is not just a product that can be eaten and drink. At the beginning of the epidemic, I was also worried that business would not be good this year." Bailiguo said, but did not expect the first explosion of this year-kitchen racks to appear unexpectedly. Now, in March and April, sales exploded more than ten times the usual.
"About the epidemic, people are forced to stay at home, creating a lot of needs that don't usually appear." He said that the epidemic has turned people who are usually busy at work into "gourmets", often in the kitchen upside down, and they need to be racked. The kitchen is more tidy.
  Find inspiration in foreign trade furniture
  The popularity of kitchen shelves is just the beginning.
Bailiguo, which has been operating online stores such as Tmall and JD for more than 3 years, has clearly felt that the epidemic has increased the penetration of online sales. More people accept online shopping and open up new opportunities for steel furniture. The market provides opportunities.
   "In fact, steel furniture was generally used as office furniture before." He said that the most common is the gray and cold file cabinets in the office. Therefore, in the minds of consumers, steel furniture is inferior to wooden furniture in terms of beauty and warmth, and homes generally would not consider using it. Previously, the sales of Pangcun steel furniture were mostly dependent on offline dealers in various places. Of customers are also confined to the office sector.
Metal furniture is using e-commerce channels to enter the traditional wooden furniture market?  
But because steel furniture has no formaldehyde pollution, compared with wooden furniture, it is more compact and does not take up space. It has high hardness and durability, and can be decorated with strong colors. It is widely used in foreign home environments.
A reporter from Henan Business Daily learned that some companies in Pangcun specializing in foreign trade orders basically produce household furniture such as balcony cabinets and drawer cabinets. The styles are similar to those seen in IKEA stores. The colors of yellow, blue, white and black are full. "Nordic style".
  Before limited to the traditional production and sales methods of steel furniture, these foreign trade products could not open the domestic market. Because these new products are sold through offline stores, the trial and error costs are relatively high.
  However, the cost will be much lower to try the acceptance of steel furniture in the home market through e-commerce.
"It's nothing more than uploading photos and videos of the product to a website, and then investing some promotion costs. If it doesn't work, just remove this link." Bailiguo said, therefore, he was in Pangcun’s previous foreign trade home furnishings this year. In "Explosive Products", he chose a part of his Tmall store.
  E-commerce into steel furniture to open the home market "stepping stone"
  The fission sales brought by e-commerce sometimes make him feel very magical. This year, his shop had an ultra-thin shoe cabinet with a width of only 15 cm, and it has been selling tepidly. Later, the owner of a community bought it, and the owners of the same community liked it very much when she saw it. She approached Bailiguo to talk about "group buying". He opened an exclusive group purchase link for the owner for only one day. As a result, one day The shoe cabinet sold five to six hundred pieces.
  "The backstage of the e-commerce company identified our shoe cabinet as a hot item, gave recommendations and traffic support, and it has been selling very well in the later period." He said.
  Many families had a tight living space during the second-child era. Furniture that could use three-dimensional space such as child-and-mother beds, bed and table, etc. was also popular, but steel furniture had not been able to open up these categories of household consumption scenes before. At present, through e-commerce channels, this kind of steel furniture is also beginning to enter the home.
"Many families buy steel bed and mother bed, the first consideration is environmental protection, steel furniture can fully meet the needs. At present, the steel bed adopts a tenon and tenon structure, and the experience of strong and no abnormal noise is not inferior to wooden furniture." BeWell Furniture E-commerce operators told reporters from Henan Business Daily that at present, almost all of this type of steel furniture uses e-commerce channels.
  Due to the cost-effective products, the foreign trade orders of Pangcun steel furniture are limited. E-commerce orders are undoubtedly a new growth point for local steel furniture companies. More importantly, e-commerce has opened up the field of household demand for steel furniture and is a blank market that is not inferior to office furniture.

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