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Introduction To The 4 Structural Types Of Metal Frame Furniture

  (1) Fixed structure

  The fixed structure means that all components in the furniture are welded or riveted to make them fixedly connected. This structure is stable and firm, which is beneficial to the design and shape, but it also brings certain difficulties to the subsequent plating and coating processes. Often due to the limitations of the production site and production equipment conditions, large components have to be disassembled for plating and coating processing, and then welded or riveted together after plating and coating. Therefore, the process is cumbersome and the efficiency is reduced. In addition, the volume is relatively large, which increases the cost of packaging and transportation, and damages the competitiveness of garden patio furniture in terms of price.

  (2) Detachable structure

  The detachable structure is to decompose the furniture into several large parts and connects them with bolts, screws, and other joints, such as in Figure 10-6. There must be a relaxation device, etc. The detachable type is conducive to the design of multi-purpose combined furniture. The parts are detachable, which is convenient for plating and coating processing, and the volume can be reduced, which is convenient for transportation. Especially for large or combined furniture, its economic effect is more obvious. However, if the disassembly and assembly are too frequent, it is easy to accelerate the wear of the connecting parts and fasteners, which is not as firm and stable as the fixed one.

  (3) Foldable structure

  The folding structure uses the principle of the planar linkage mechanism to join the hinge structure with rivets to connect the various parts of the furniture so that the furniture has a folding function, as shown in Figure 10-7. The folding structure is convenient to use and can make the furniture smaller, which is economical and affordable but has certain limitations in shape design.

  (4) Telescopic structure

  The telescopic structure is designed based on the advantages of fixing, disassembling, and folding, and is often used in seats. It not only has the advantages of beautiful appearance, firmness, reliability, etc., but also can make full use of the space, and can nest multiple chairs to reduce floor space and packaging and transportation volume. This furniture is widely used in restaurants, meeting places, restaurants, and other places. At the time of design, attention should be paid to the stability and balance of stacking to reduce collision friction, so there are also higher requirements for processing technology.

  (5) Plug-in structure

  The plug-in type, also known as the socket type, uses furniture components (pipes) as connectors to insert the outer diameter of the small tube into the inner diameter of the large tube to connect them, as shown in Figure 10-8. The insertion link of the vertical pipe makes use of its weight or external force to make it difficult to slip. Die-casting aluminum alloy plug joints such as two-way, three-way, four-way, etc. can be used. This form can also be disassembled, and it is much more convenient than the disassembled screw connection.

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  The above are several structural types of metal frame furniture, today’s sharing ends here, thank you for your patience in reading! If this article is helpful to you, please like it or pay attention to it; if you have better content to add, please leave a message in the comment area below to interact with us, thank you!

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