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How to Save Space With a Corner Lounge Sofa Set

There’s a lot to love about a corner lounge sofa set: They provide ample seating for family and friends, they’re comfortable to sit on, and they add a sleek, stylish look to any room. However, a major drawback of these large pieces of furniture is their footprint – they can be difficult to fit through doors and tricky to manoeuvre when trying to rearrange your space.
One way to solve this problem is to buy a modular corner lounge, which can be broken down into individual sections that are easy to lift and move around. Alternatively, you can go for a larger corner sofa that is designed to be fully re-assembled on site. Article, for example, has this style of sofa in a number of different sizes and fabric options. It is a bit heavier than the other models, and you will probably need help moving it when it’s in place, but it has the advantage of being able to be completely re-shaped, meaning it can be reconfigured as your space changes.

Another way to save space with your new corner sofa is to consider a chaise-style design, which provides a more central and less crowded spot for you to sit than a traditional two or three seater. This option also works well in open-plan layouts, where it can create a more intimate zoning area within a room.
A third solution is to opt for a U-shaped corner sofa, which has generous proportions that allow you to comfortably sit people next to and across from each other. If you have the room to accommodate it, a full-size sectional couch can also be a great choice for families and those who like to entertain. It allows you to create a large social or entertainment zone in your living space and can be used as an alternative to a traditional coffee table when not in use.
A big factor to consider when buying a new sectional or corner sofa is the price. This is where a budget option can be a good option, as it will still offer plenty of comfort and style for your money.

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