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How To Maintain Wicker Rattan Furniture

  In the north, the radiator for heating in winter is the enemy of wicker rattan furniture. If you put the rattan seat close to the radiator, you will find after about a month that the rattan close to it has already become dry and brittle, and its toughness has deteriorated, making it difficult to recover after sitting; some parts glued with natural glue are far away. fall. Therefore, remember that rattan products should not be kept close to fire and heat sources.

  The cross-section of the rattan is covered with fine ducts, so the rattan chair furniture can absorb a certain amount of water. However, if too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loose in structure, sagging in the plane, and mold spots will easily grow in the woven mesh. Therefore, if you are in the south, especially during the rainy season, the ventilation of wicker rattan furniture is particularly important. On sunny days, clean the rattan sofa sets and move them to a place with drafts to "dry" to avoid mildew and keep them dry. Don't ask for "dry" eagerness, and lift it to a place exposed to direct sunlight. The contrast between damp and dry can easily deform or even break quickly.

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