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How To Choose A Garden Patio Swing Chair? How To Maintain

  Now everyone enjoys their leisure time, so if you have a yard at home, you can buy a garden patio swing chair and install it, so that we can relax in the sun in the yard in winter. So how can the garden patio swing chair be purchased with good quality? How to maintain daily prolonged life? Look down to know.

  1. How to choose a garden patio swing chair?

  1. Pay attention to the inclination arc of the rocking chair. If the swing arc is too large, the long-term use of the rocking chair will cause some dizziness for the people who ride it. It is especially necessary to pay attention to this point when buying it for the elderly.

  2. The footrest of the rocking chair is an indispensable part. A comfortable and soft footrest can make the legs of the elderly lay flat, which plays a great role in preventing ischemia of the lower extremities.

  How to choose a garden patio swing chair?

  3. When riding a rocking chair, the whole body is very relaxed. If you sit on a rocking chair without your head for a long time, it will lead to poor blood circulation in the back and brain. There are rocking chairs with a head and sponge material, and the sponge is swaying during the ups and downs. It can be inflated and deflated without worrying about such problems.

  4. Take a closer look at the material. The choice of rattan material is high-quality rattan with thick, long, well-proportioned, and no variegated rattan. Inferior rattan is thinner, less tough, has low tensile strength, and is easy to break. Observe whether the overall color of the "Yan" color rattan rocking chair is consistent, whether the bonding part is stable, and whether the appearance is correct is the main factor to test its quality. For rattan chairs with seat cushions, carefully observe whether the arc position of the seat cushion matches the arc position of the furniture, whether the fabric pattern is neatly spliced, and whether the dental floss is smooth and straight.

  How to maintain garden patio swing chair

  2. How to maintain the garden patio swing chair

  1. Pay attention to shading

  The ultraviolet rays of the balcony will make the swing rocking chair rattan chair degeneration and brittle, long-term exposure will make the white rattan furniture sofa yellow, the brown-red shiny red rattan furniture sofa will partially fade, and the expensive bamboo and rattan sofa sets will dry, loosen and fall off. open.

  2. Avoid getting wet

  The advantage of the swing rocking chair rattan chair is that it is fixed into its original shape after being deformed by moisture, and it will still return to its original shape and size after drying or drying in the shade.

  3. Keep ventilation

  The swing rocking chair rattan chair can absorb a certain amount of moisture. But if too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loose in structure, sagging, and mildew can easily grow in the woven mesh.

  4. Avoid getting close to fire and heat sources

  The radiator for heating in winter is the enemy of the swing rocking chair rattan chair. The rattan close to the part has long been dry and brittle, and its toughness has deteriorated. It is difficult to restore after sitting. Be sure to put a thermal insulation pad.

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