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Features Of Outdoor Aluminum Dining Set

  The general frame of the outdoor aluminum dining set is aluminum alloy. After baking paint and waterproof treatment, this material can withstand outdoor wind and rain for a long time. The application of outdoor aluminum dining sets is mostly dining tables and chairs. As we all know, traditional wood-based furniture has more or less formaldehyde emission problems, especially in recent years, whether in the news media or real life, there have been frequent incidents that cause consumers to suffer from diseases due to excessive formaldehyde. happened. And because traditional furniture is made of wood, wood will be unstable with changes in space and climate. For example, there are cracks in the furniture; for example, the doors and windows are deformed and cannot be closed; for example, the board expands and deforms due to long-term moisture, and there is an odor.

  Aluminum is an easily available and reusable material on earth, and its production and manufacturing process does not pollute the environment and does not cause any damage to human health. The outdoor aluminum dining set has the advantages of being far away from formaldehyde, benzene-free, non-toxic, non-radiation, non-polluting, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.

  The outdoor aluminum dining set is not easy to deform, rot and breed bacteria even if it is in a humid environment for a long time, which greatly prolongs the life of the furniture and increases the scope of use. There are more than 20 kinds of product colors, including Chinese, European, light luxury, modern, and other styles. A strong sense of texture, in addition to aesthetics, also has the texture and effect of wooden furniture. The outdoor aluminum dining set also has fire resistance and anti-corrosion properties and has been tested to have strong anti-corrosion properties.

  Due to the structural characteristics of the outdoor aluminum dining set, it has good sound insulation and heat preservation performance, a beautiful appearance, easy installation, time-saving and labor-saving, and can be disassembled and relocated repeatedly. Not only that, but the outdoor aluminum dining set is also resistant to insects and ants, impact resistance, no peculiar smell, no deformation, easy to clean, firm edge sealing, super durability, simple daily maintenance, fine texture, simple lines, generous, and long service life. With the advantages of environmental protection, health, and no formaldehyde, the all-outdoor aluminum dining set has entered everyone's eyes and won unanimous praise from everyone.

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