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Features Of A Garden Patio Swing Chair

  In today's society, work and life are under great pressure, especially in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. After leaving busy work, we may like to go outdoors to breathe fresh air in our spare time. When people are tired, they sit on functional outdoor furniture to rest. , feel the birds and flowers of nature, the mood will become comfortable. Therefore, the leisure chair must not only be beautiful, but also practical, and can withstand the wind, frost, and rain of nature, to better benefit people. So we think the garden patio swing chair should comply with the following points:

  1. Function: It has a single function and is mainly placed in outdoor places such as parks, communities, and roadsides. Used by many people, for outdoor cooling, rest, etc.;

  2. Beautiful appearance: The visual effect is mainly coordinated with the outdoor environment, and natural materials such as wood and granite are often used. The shape is creative, beautiful, approachable, and does not require special luxury;

  3. Practical: fire prevention, anti-theft, and anti-corrosion, can satisfy many people to rest without disturbing each other;

  4. Materials: No toxic or harmful materials can be used, easy to clean. Due to the particularity of outdoor use, the general wood uses: anti-corrosion wood, imported camphor, Russian sylvestris pine, plastic wood, and other materials, these wood have strong outdoor anti-corrosion effect, and marble or granite needs good texture, to Prevent man-made damage. Therefore, the steel structure needs anti-corrosion treatment to prevent rain and human damage.

  Because the functional outdoor furniture is outdoors, the choice of materials is narrow. Many leisure chairs are mainly made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, granite, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel pipe, and other materials. Most of them are placed in public places such as parks, communities, and roadsides. Because of the high exposure and high damage (sun ultraviolet rays, wind and rain corrosion, man-made damage, etc.) of outdoor garden leisure chairs, frequent maintenance and renovation must be required.

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