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Can Rattan Sofa Sets Be Used In The North?

  As far as the northern market is concerned, there are indeed many customers who have raised such questions when purchasing rattan sofa sets. The reason why people have such an impression of rattan sofa sets is mainly that in the early years, rattan sofa sets were made of rough and low level of craftsmanship, and at that time, rattan sofa sets were made of rattan grown in the south of the country. Therefore, some people who buy rattan sofa sets have the above-mentioned problems when they use them.

  Now, rattan sofa sets mostly use rattan imported from Indonesia, which is essentially different from the rattan grown in southern my country. Indonesia is located in the equatorial tropical rain forest, with abundant sunshine and rain all year round, and fertile volcanic ash soil. The vines grown in this environment are stronger, more durable, and adaptable to climate and environmental changes.

  Because of the abundant rain, the sugar content of the vine is also low, and it is not easy to be eaten by insects. While the selection of materials is excellent, the improvement of the production process also makes the rattan sofa sets more flexible and the moth-proof ability is improved. The current rattan sofa sets are generally unlikely to break unless they are deliberately broken.

  Even if it breaks accidentally, we will take out the whole broken rattan and replace it with a good rattan during maintenance. In this way, the repaired rattan sofa sets are almost the same as the rattan outdoor furniture before the breakage.

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