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5 Signs Your Dealer Is Selling Outdoor Furniture That Will Last

  What makes outdoor furniture high quality? Some might argue that this is the process of making each piece. Others might say that once a piece of furniture is installed in someone's home, its lifespan is known. We believe the best answer is somewhere in between - the longevity of outdoor furniture often relies on a detail-oriented process in which quality materials are used. Do you want to know if the furniture you sell is up to standard? Today, we'll discuss the biggest ways you can determine if your piece is working, or if it's time to find a new furniture maker. let's start.

  it is made in china

  If you are a furniture dealer located in China, we strongly recommend that you work with a manufacturer that produces furniture in China. Why is domestic furniture better than imported furniture? Furniture makers that source materials domestically are willing to spend more to invest in Chinese companies, which can flow money back to local communities. Ethically, it's a green checkmark in the "Made in China" corner, but it's not the only reason why domestic products are of higher quality. Sourcing and producing furniture domestically allows manufacturers to control every step of the creative process, even before their pieces are put together. This means that the manufacturer's quality standards are more likely to be maintained and fewer details will be missed.

  Use high-quality materials

  We touched on this above, but it is so important that it deserves a separate emphasis: quality materials are the foundation of durable outdoor furniture. Does your manufacturer explain to you how their products are made and what materials are used? If not, it's worth investigating to make sure you're giving your clients access to the highest quality work they can find.

  What materials should you be looking for in outdoor furniture? On the one hand, the all-welded frame helps prevent chipping or peeling, even with severe wear. Heavy-duty aluminum extrusions are built to last regardless of weather or wear.

  It is handmade, not produced

  Materials are only half of what makes great furniture; when it comes to quality, the process of putting it together is just as important. Always - we can't stress this enough - choose furniture that is handcrafted by experts, not produced on the assembly line. The best collectibles are those that are pieced together by hand using quality tools and years of experience. Outdoor furniture that's mass-produced as quickly as possible may be convenient and inexpensive, but it's also unlikely to last long. Mass-produced products are more prone to design flaws, missing parts, and even manufacturing errors. Avoid disappointing your customers by partnering with a manufacturer that never lets you down.

  Its design looks great as trends change

  It may be tempting to fill your showroom with outdoor furniture featuring all the latest design trends. While it makes sense to include an ultra-chic collection or two in your ensemble, be careful not to only invest in stylish designs. Most home and business owners don't replace all patio furniture every season or even every year. That means the best pieces are those that look timelessly stylish, not the instantly trendy ones. If you want your outdoor furniture collection to go further with your customers, look for clean lines, a variety of colors, and high-quality materials, rather than looking exclusively for individual pieces.

  Working with manufacturers is easy

  At the end of the day, manufacturers can deliver beautifully designed, well-made products - but if working with them is unpleasant, it's not a sustainable business relationship. Your manufacturer should make it easy for you to launch with straightforward pricing, helpful support, and a clean website that you can navigate intuitively. If you're happy with your collection but struggle to communicate effectively with the manufacturer, this may be a sign that you should start considering other furniture suppliers soon.

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